3) Autonomous Navigation of the Indoor Service Robot PSR

Figure 7: PSR-1(Public Service Robot)

Figure 8: PSR-2 and experimental result of navigation

One of my current research scopes is to achieve autonomous navigation of an indoor service robot. Our primary objective is to carry out a delivery task in office environments. A holonomic omni-directional wheel mechanism is developed, then fabricated as shown in figure 7. The PSR (Public Service Robot) 1 is equipped with ultrasonic range sensors, laser range finders, infrared range sensors, optical fiber gyro, as well as wheel encoders. Once a task is given by a user, the robot plans a global and a local path using the developed gradient path planning scheme. A path planner provides optimal path without any local minimum.

The PSR2 is aiming at the floor cleaning and patrol tasks. A cleaning task is carried out using a complete coverage algorithm, which is designed by a combination of a wall-following control concept.

Experiments were successfully carried out with the prototype, in indoor dynamic environments.

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